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The body area that is worth a long search

Disputes about the G-spot existence, which was discovered by the German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg in the middle of the last century, do not stop until now. Some people believe that this is a myth, but those women who managed to find it (or their partner managed to find it), say that an orgasm when stimulating the G-spot can not be compared to any sensations. Smooching this spot leads to strong excitation and a powerful orgasm. However, the difficulty of searching the G-spot is that it is not a separate anatomical structure or organ of the body.

The G-spot is a powerful erogenous zone that, if properly stimulated, leads to a regular orgasm. This name hides a cluster of nerve endings that are located on the front wall of the vagina (2-7 cm from the entrance). Should you look for it? Of course, Yes. But it is not necessary to fixate on its search and finding. And at the same time, remember that the women orgasm is complex and you need to influence more erogenous zones. 

Should you look for it? Of course, Yes.

In addition, I should tell about the women expectations about the popular procedure of augmentation: "Today, the procedure of g-spot augmentation has become very fashionable – the process of putting a filler into this erogenous zone to increase the area of impact on the nerve endings in this area. Before this procedure, it is important to know that if a woman has never experienced an orgasm with the help of stimulation of this zone, a filler will not help in achieving it. To begin with, the G-spot needs to be developed, and only after that, those who are looking for a new experience and sensation can try to enter the filler.

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