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You’ve learned the calorie content of all products, deny yourself dinner, fell in love with grapefruits, broccoli soup and you are fond of hour jogging, but the numbers on the scales do not change? We know the reason.

1. You drink a little water

To start with, you can’t start the detox process in your body if you do not drink enough liquid - if you have a moderately active lifestyle the amount of liquid is minimum one and a half liters, and at least three liters if you exercise regularly. In addition, sometimes we take thirst for hunger. Therefore, if you had breakfast or lunch just an hour ago and you feel as if you wouldn’t mind a snack, a glass of herbal tea or cold pressed juice can help you. By the way, a real feeling of hunger is also possible to dull by drinking a little warm water - this relaxes the muscles of the stomach.

2. You don’t refuse coffee

Those days when the combination of "coffee and cigarettes" was associated with thin girls in Kate Moss style are gone. Today, any nutritionist will explain that caffeine stimulates cortisol hormone production. The cortisol gives a signal to throw a large amount of glucose into the blood. And if after a cup of your favorite drink, you don’t start consuming this sugar, the great chance that it will become a body fat in the thighs and buttocks area. By the way, the same process take place during the stress. Additionally, many people rely on black and green tea in their detox menu and drink them instead of water, but they contain the large amount of caffeine, especially green tea. This is a serious burden on the adrenal glands, that’s why a lot of European clinics and spa centers are switching to herbal infusions, or at least rooibos.

3. You do not get enough sleep

When going to bed late, many derive consolation from the thought that a lack of strength will force them to spend more energy throughout the day. In fact, this trick will bring nothing but a haggard look. By depriving yourself of the prescribed sleeping hours, you seriously violate the balance of two hormones - leptin and ghrelin. The amount of the first falls, due to this after eating you don’t feel satiation. But the level of the second hormone responsible for appetite rises sharply. And after lack of sleep, we most often choose more high-calorie food. Moreover, when we sleep, the body produces growth hormones: we become stronger and slimmer. Restoration processes take place from 10 pm to 2 am, and if at this time you are not sleeping, it will be much more difficult to lose weight, especially in the lower part of the body.

4. You overestimate the role of the number 0

Low-fat products and cola zero are good in theory, but in practice nothing is so simple. When manufacturers reduce the amount of fat in the product, it noticeably loses in its taste. It can be returned by adding sugar or salt. And even if you manage to cheat yourself with low-fat yogurt, you will not deceive the digestive system. As soon as the level of omega-fatty acids in the body drops below normal, it needs to be made up, namely by eating. As a result, you can easily consume twice as many calories as you expected. But this is not the worst: to skim milk on an industrial scale, it is not just skimmed from the cream (in this case you get a 1.5% fat product) – the milk is heated, passed through lime filters and a lot of other manipulations are conducted that this milk has nothing in common with healthy eating. As for drinks and food with zero sugar content, in most mass-products it is replaced with synthetic sweeteners. They are serious toxins. The only safe sugar substitute that we have learned to use is stevia. But unfortunately, it is rarely used anywhere.

5. You do not have breakfast

Perhaps you are in a hurry, or maybe it just seems to you that skipping breakfast will reduce the amount of calories you consume. And at 11 am you look nervously at your watch: is it high time to eat. As a result of such experiments, you risk not only to lose self-control during lunch, but also risk to get gastritis. Breakfast helps the body to control the insulin production, which is directly responsible for the accumulation of fat cells. In addition, morning is the best time for fiber absorption, which cleanses the intestinal wall and contributes to the formation of its healthy microflora. Therefore, if you are not a hearty breakfasts supporter, start the day with a glass of cold pressed juice - on an empty stomach it will be absorbed better and will work like a “vitamin battery”. In order not to violate the acid-base balance of the stomach, focus on vegetables - pumpkin, carrots, broccoli - and greens, add citrus fruits and fruits only to shade the taste. Moreover, remember that juice is also food. Do not drink it in one gulp, but chew the flesh with your teeth and enjoy the taste.

6. You don’t think about "hidden" sugar

In addition to the fact that manufacturers add sweet syrup to ketchups and packaged juices, even at first glance harmless dried fruits (and also vegan sweets) and beloved balsamic vinegar are distinguished by their high sugar content. There is only one way to protect yourself from unbidden calories - to study the composition of purchased products, even if they have nothing to do with desserts. As a daily snack, give preference to green varieties of apples and citrus fruits. And if you can’t refuse dried fruits, remember that their daily portion should be the size of a children's fist.

7. You cannot give up alcohol

Of course, we can discuss the invaluable benefits of good wine for the cardiovascular system and emotional balance. But nutritionists are categorical: any alcohol intensifies the feeling of hunger, and you can stop controlling yourself. In all senses. Alcohol is absorbed primarily and getting into the stomach together with food, it “switches the attention” of the metabolic systems to itself, and as a result fats and carbohydrates go “into stock”. So we advise you to stop drinking after the second glass of dry red wine.

8. You get down to nuts

Nuts seem like the right snack. And, in general, they are. But as with most products, you shouldn’t be carried away. Try to eat a handful of cashews every day at noon - and you will see what happens to your waist (and wallet) in a month. Fatty acids are great. But within reasonable limits.

9. You overdo sports

You can never do too many sport - this is true. But too many people tend to make indulgence in the form of excess cake or fresh pastries after a good workout in the gym. This is a common mistake. At first, it is better to concentrate 30% of their moral and physical efforts on sports, and 70% should be devoted to developing a conscious and thoughtful approach to nutrition. Read books, learn new ways of cooking, don’t be lazy to prepare freshly squeezed juices. Even a diet should give some fun.

10. You have an incorrect snack

Dietary bars, protein shakes and isotonic drinks are certainly healthier than chocolates and soda. And we always welcome the emergence of new brands making healthy snacks. But do not get too carried away with diet snacks. After all, they also contain calories and they need to be controlled. Moreover, such food often doesn’t bring satisfaction, and you can unconsciously allow yourself too much for dinner. So just don’t go too far getting down to eating one thing. Keep a balance. In nutrition, in emotions, in life in general. Harmony is everything for us.

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