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Why You Need to Try LED Light Therapy

Facial care is gradually moving to a new level. More and more cosmetic brands are into LED technologies that restore skin by exposing it to light. Light waves of different colors can fight many dermal disorders. We’ve asked a skin specialist to tell us more about this procedure.

What is it

LED light therapy is a physiotherapeutic procedure that treats your skin using the light of different colors.

This gamma has a different wave-length which penetrates deep into your skin and is absorbed by the cells. In cosmetology, we use special LED lamps with several levels of color: yellow, red, blue and green.

LED light therapy can be used for acne, signs of aging, skin damages, and stress. It helps reduce the growth of propionic bacteria which are known to promote the development of acne breakouts. This painless procedure does not cause any side effects and light sensitivity, so it is safe in any season. To achieve maximum effect, you need to combine LED light therapy with other injection or hardware treatment methods.

Most commonly, this method is used as a complement to other skincare procedures. On average, it lasts about twenty minutes.

How it works

Your skin absorbs therapeutic light, uses it as a source of energy, and stimulates cell regeneration. This process boosts collagen and elastin synthesis, accelerates healing processes and promotes the formation of new tissues.

During LED light therapy, the micropores in cell membranes and upper layers of the dermis open. Due to this, the active ingredients of the applied preparations immerse into them. The duration of the procedure as well as the light intensity and color depend on the purpose of  the therapy.

A certain wave-length penetrates deep into the layer and influences the cells that absorb it. If it is a sebaceous gland, we use red light, if it’s a pigment - yellow or green light.

The LED device is always placed a few centimeters from the treated area. It exerts influence upon the pre-cleansed skin.

Process steps

First, we apply a mask. The DMK enzyme mask works best as it allows the light wave to penetrate the right place. Depending on the skin disorder that we want to treat, we use a definite color. If it is couperosis, sensitive skin, or rashes, we use red light. If we need to treat skin aging, wrinkles, and dryness, it’s better to choose blue light. You can make different colors alternate with each other. But the best way to achieve sustainable results is to set a single range.

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